Bridging the Future

Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

About Us

Fine Group Organization

FG Organization is the next-generation, Vietnamese-owned, business and entertainment group. We aim to become the bridge that connects the Vietnamese communities on a global scale, and provide the most innovative products and services to more than three million Vietnamese-Americans in wellness, household products, social media, marketing, fulfillment, data-driven customer support, real estate, and food & beverages.

Our Divisions

FG Care

FG Care Division focuses on providing health and beauty products of the highest quality. We strive to raise the living standards of the Vietnamese community in America by becoming an exclusive distributor for multiple international brands in the North America market: Sampar Paris, Ohchaga, and Fine Japan.

FG Entertainment Network

FG Entertainment Network is a platform with the mission to nurture, inspire, and connect Vietnamese music/art enthusiasts around the world, especially between the Vietnamese and American youth groups. With a large number of subscribed YouTube channels and a print publication, we are also a record label, talent agency, and music production company. Through this division, we hope to bring about the gift of happiness to our dear audience, and eventually improve their overall wellness by producing exceptional and entertaining content.

FG Food & Beverage

With over half a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, FG F&B is a premier player in the development and distribution of food and beverages across multiple retail and restaurant channels. FG F&B also offers a platform allowing restaurateurs to implement their hotel or restaurant concepts in the market based on our guidelines.

FG Real Estate Development

FG Real Estate Development (FGRED) is a business platform that invests in, develops and manages real estate assets. By developing an affordable and premium housing system, we plan to expand our properties to not only California, but all across different regions of the United States as well. In addition to housing, our properties will also consist of commercial spaces, buildings, plazas and hotels. With the acquisition and sale of properties in different parts of the country, we strive to create more Vietnamese-centric locations across the U.S., such as Little Saigon in Orange County and other regional locations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the living standards of said communities through the provision of high-quality everyday digital or physical products and services in the fields of food and beverages, beauty, retail, entertainment, and real estate.


Fine Group Organization aims to bridge the gap between Vietnamese communities and different generations on a global scale through our international presence and products and services. Our mission is to raise the living standards of communities through the provision of high-quality products and services in the industries of food and beverages, beauty, retail, entertainment, and real estate.

Our Culture

FG Organization’s greatest asset is our people – individuals with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and life experiences. We work amongst the most creative, self-starting, and mission-driven team members in an agile and collaborative environment. As our journey continues to move forward rapidly, we always welcome problem-solvers and big thinkers to join us aboard!

Core Values


The FG employees are at the very core of what we do, irrespective of their background.


Each investment and decision we make is based solely on the needs of our customers, working diligently to ensure their satisfaction.


Trust is essential in order to foster teamwork at our organization.


We maintain a commitment to being honest, transparent, and accountable.


Professional growth is nurtured and celebrated over time, ensuring that every individual is given chances to reach new heights.


Every aspect of our organization is held to the highest innovation standards.


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